Dear RC13 Members.

Together with RC17, we would like to organize the common conference in Taipei in October this year. Please, consider your participation and submitting either a closed panel or individual paper. Below, you have the call for proposals:

New Trends in the Study of Democracy and Autocracy: A Joint International Conference of IPSA RC 13 and RC 17
Call for Proposals

Date: October 27, 2024

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Adam Szymański (RC 13 Chair, University of Warsaw, Poland)
Prof. Min-Hua Huang (RC 17 Chair, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Conference Venue:
College of Social Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

IPSA RC 13 (Democratization in Comparative Perspective)
IPSA RC 17 (Comparative Public Opinion)
Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University

Conference registration is free of charge.

This conference is a collaborative initiative between IPSA RC 13 and RC 17 to promote international academic exchange among researchers studying democracy and autocracy. We invite proposals for papers that explore the latest trends in democratization and autocratization worldwide. While we are particularly interested in the following three themes, we welcome proposals on other relevant topics as well.

Theme I: Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Landscape of Global Democracy and Public Opinion Research
This theme examines AI’s growing impact on democracy and public opinion research, exploring AI’s dual role as a facilitator of democratic engagement and a potential tool for manipulation. Discussions will explore the ethical considerations of AI, its impact on electoral integrity, and the challenges of ensuring AI reinforces rather than undermines democratic values.

Theme II: US-China Power Dynamics: Assessing the Impact on Global Democratization
This theme explores the impact of US-China tensions on global democratization. We will assess how this great power rivalry affects the promotion of democratic norms and international support for democratic institutions, with a focus on the strategic implications for national policies.

Theme III: Navigating Measurement Challenges in Democratic Backsliding
This theme focuses on the complexities of measuring democratic backsliding. Our goal is to enhance existing assessment tools and develop innovative methodologies, employing survey indicators to identify signs of democratic erosion and bolster the resilience of democratic systems.

We are keen to host mixed panels, combining expertise from RC 13 and RC 17, to enhance interdisciplinary exchange. Submissions that intersect with both committees’ interests are especially welcome, as we hope to showcase the collaborative insights of our members and enrich the conference dialogue.

Submission Guidelines:
We welcome submissions for both closed panels and individual papers, aiming to accommodate a wide range of research interests and foster a rich exchange of ideas:
For Closed Panels:
- Please include the panel title, a short abstract (200–250 words), and the name, academic title and affiliation of the chair.
- Please submit titles and short abstracts (200–250 words) for each paper along with authors’ names and affiliations.
- Please note that a panel may consist of no more than 5 papers.

For Individual Papers: please submit the paper title, a short abstract (200–250 words), and the author’s name, affiliation, and academic title.

Submission Process:
- RC 17 members should submit their proposals to Carol Hsu at:
- RC 13 members should submit their proposals to Adam Szymański at:

The submission deadline is Sunday, July 21, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. GMT+8.