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08Jun 2014

Network of Democracy Research Institutes - Worth Reading

June 2, 2014 Dear Colleagues, This issue of Worth Reading features the “Democracy Works” project, a joint initiative of three members of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes—the Centre for Development and Enterprise (South Africa), the Legatum Institute (United Kingdom), and the Centre for Policy Research (India)—and the Instituto de Estudos do Trabalho e Sociedade (Brazil). The Center for International Private Enterprise partially funded this project and its Executive Director, John Sullivan, served as a senior advisor. The project examines “the democratic alternative from the South” as a counterargument to developmental authoritarianism and examines several key dimensions of these countries’ development, including their democratic achievements and the advantages their democratic systems provide to combat corruption. It also explains the critical need for these democracies to pursue further policy reform.

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11May 2014

Network of Democracy Research Institutes Democracy Research News May 2014

Democracy Research News is the electronic newsletter of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI), a membership association of institutions that conduct and publish research on democracy and democratic development. It is one of several functional networks associated with the World Movement for Democracy. To submit comments or to inquire about joining the Network, please write to Melissa Aten-Becnel.

To subscribe write ndri@ned.org.

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19Dec 2013

Network of Democracy Research Institutes/ Worth Reading

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24Nov 2013

November 2013- Democracy Research News

Network of Democracy Research Institutes
Democracy Research News
Democracy Research News is the electronic newsletter of the Network of
Democracy  Research Institutes (NDRI)
, a membership association of
institutions that conduct and  publish research on democracy and
 democratic development. It is one of several functional networks
associated with the World Movement for Democracy

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07Oct 2013

Legitimizing State Failure by Democracy

Western style democracy has arrived by different paths to Arab countries, but what is common throughout is that it has so far only legitimized state failure, stresses Marcus Marktanner.

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20Sep 2013

Did you know? IPSA Institutional Membership

The services package offered to institutional members - organizations includes many services that could be advantageous to you and your colleagues, like discounts to individual membership and registration to the upcoming World Congress of Political Science to be held in Montréal (Canada) in July 2014.

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13Sep 2013

Special issue of the Journal Democratization dealing with religiously-oriented political parties and democratization.

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11Sep 2013


Please, see an updated list of events in our Events section of the website.

21Aug 2013

July 2013 Democracy Research News

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21Aug 2013

RC13 - Mission

The Research Committee on Democratization on a Comparative Perspective of IPSA - RC 13 seeks to support and encourage research in the area of democratization in any/every country of the world. It is also interested in measuring and evaluating processes of democratization in particular cases and in a general comparative perspective, both from the point of view of individual states and societies and as a global process. It promotes individual research and contacts as well as a network of scholars and students in interested in the subject. It organizes panels and, when possible, conferences in which both the theoretical developments in the area, as well as the results of empirical studies are presented and discussed. RC 13 is also interested and involved in cooperation with other research committees of IPSA that work in related areas.

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